Pro Eating-Disorder Support

a supportive place for those with an eating disorder

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1. No putting down other members... be nice.
2. Please white out food names that may be triggering
3. Please put triggering or multiple pics and videos behind a cut
4. Please place any triggering content (eg: SI) behind an lj cut
5. Bod pics are okay, but no nudes
6. Please be supportive.
7. Make everyone feel welcome, let's try to ensure every post has at least one comment.
8. Please be respectful of others religion, race, sexuality and beliefs.
9. Posting your email for friend adds is allowed, but no promotion of things like myspace, gaming sites, etc.
10. This is not ED101. Tips on how to purge or starve are not allowed.

Lastly, please have fun and feel comfortable.


If you have any complaints, concerns or questions, send me a pm. :)