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Oh gosh, it's Easter tomorrow..candy and chocolate. Crap.

                                                                     How are you guys?

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other then my legs, where do u guys think i need the most work? thanks love ya<3


how's everyone doing today?

last day of my fast and i really don't feel well. :/

stay strong lovelies.


Apr. 11th, 2009

hello! i'm new to this community.
not sure i'll be a very faithful member but i'll do my best.
i live in australia, i'm 15 years old.

i've had my ed for about 2 years now .
at the moment i'm kind of/not really trying to recover. i've convinvced myself i'm recovering, but i'm not actually doing anything different. but whatever. i want my mind to be normal, but i still want to be thin, thin, thin.

looking forward to getting to know you all. <3
hey girls this is my first time posting but hey
but this isn't my first time posting on a ana group.
so i'm not a "newbie" or a "wannabe"

lets see..
i'm 5'9 and too embarressed to say my weight.
i reached my first goal weight today, instead of sunday. so i'm happy

i fast all the time.
and if i don't fast, then i purge.

i'm excited to get to know all of you


SCREAMING my heads off..!

OK i didn't eat for the past five days..! just don't feel like eating..! well my mum said i lost some weight..but i don't think is enough..! i need to be less dan 100lbs before 15april..! i'm not sure what's my weight right now but i hope is lesser dan 110lbs..!
anyway after five days i almost faint without any energy as i was doing exercise without eating..so i have no choice but to have a tablespoon of cereal so that i won't faint and my mum won't know abt it..!  oh i feel so like shit right now..!  hopefully i did lose some..weight
-.- lovelle


ONly ate 66 cal today.. Eating less and walking a LOT is getting soo easy.. I lost 7lbs in two days, but somehow now I feel like im at a standstill, but I mean, I do have to leave the scale alone for a little because it vary's sooooo much.


Good evening ladies. :)
I love this community. 
Are most of you from the U.S.?

I really can't believe all this (my e.d) has returned. 
I can't even look in the mirror. 
I don't want to eat anything. 
I never want to eat again. Why do I have to. 



Hi guys.
I'm new. I saw this community on PA but it took ages for me to get accepted on there (I'm still not) so you might not know me.
Age- 14
ED- Ednos
HW- 140lbs (never again)
LW- 98lbs <3
CW- 119lbs (eurg)
GW- Whenever I'm happy

I've been in a disordered state of mind for as long as I can remember. It's the only thing I know, which is kinda depressing.
I'm looking forward to getting to know y'all.

Apr. 9th, 2009

Hey I'm Bron and my stats are:

Height: 5'4
HW: 117
LW: 85
CW: 103

Stay strong huns xoxox 


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